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Tree Worxx nor the supplier give any warranty, expressed or implied, as to the productiveness or life of the nursery stock sold. We shall be glad to rectify any mistake made by us, but in no case will our liability be more than the purchase price. All concerns must be made within 24 hours. Under no circumstances will we accept return of plant material which was already planted. 30% Restocking fee on returned plant material, plus $55.00 pick up & delivery fee. There is a fee/charge for all returned checks.




Any needed ,added materials - alteration or deviation from the above estimate -  guesstimate - specifications involving extra costs will be executed and will become an additional charge,charges to estimate.


In the event this job is canceled after start of work,we have the right to be compensated for any and all work already completed,based on the break down of bid.


We are not responsible for any personal yard Decor.


Please make sure all pets are inside during work performed or until job is completed.


Please make sure we have all access to your yard - areas where we are working.


All vehicles should be moved away from work - traffic areas.


Please notify any needed neighbors before your tree work is performed, as tree debris - cut branches may fall on neighbors property.


Please note: Some branches that need to be cut ,pruned or removed will require us to be on yours & your neighbors roof - roofing areas.


Please be aware that when removing, lowering tree pruning branches,and tree removal trunks -  branches and tree removal trunks may damage your existing flowers,grass, shrubs and other tree[s] branches on your property.


An average stump grind is 2 - 3" below surface.When digging or stump grinding we are not responsible for damaging - cutting any buried Cable,PVC Sprinkler Pipes not buried to Tx Dig's Specs.


We do not haul away stump grinding chips.


REGARDING: Root Barrier,Drainage & Fence Work - Your project may require additional materials, & labor costs due to extra work involving renting machinery to cut or remove re-bar ,concrete, and digging - removing any misc items.


Due to Houston's weather, frequent rain, heavy rains and flooding - there is no guarantee your new soil installation, ( grass - sod installation ) ,installed drain pipes,drain reservoirs ,or drainage rock will solve your drainage issues.


We only use Organic fertilizers :Which may take time and a few applications before your trees,lawn & shrubs see any major results.Over time and with proper organic fertilizers ( management  applications ) - our goal is to help ( correct  past  trees stress,pesticides,herbicides,insecticides applications ) get all your trees ,shrubs & lawn healthy  .


Due to our providing labor/ wholesale materials at a discounted rate,unless customer is willing to pay double the plant/material purchase there is no warranty for trees,shrubs, plants, hard scape materials or Sod. For all Sod delivery & install projects - we have a (2) pallet minimum.


Angie's List Coupons or Groupons are not valid for tree removal or stump grinding. We only honor Groupons - AL Big Deals - Yelp purchase's bought prior to our visit - Free Estimation. We do not except adding or ducting costs from any additional coupons after our initial estimate or emailed estimate - bidding customers jobs. Palm Tree pruning or removal is not valid with any coupons.


Any County or City Permits for Drainage - Tree Work - Tree Pruning - Tree Removal - Fence Installation - Fence Removal - must be provided by Homeowner or Property owner.


We do not Bill, we do accept personal Checks & Credit Card payments.

For all returned checks -we charge additional service/handling fee, plus ALL NFS incurred fees.


We provide FREE Estimates for our service areas only. Please see www.treeworxx.com our service areas.

We provide all our customers written Estimates through email with our INS a job number .

FREE Estimate requirements - We will need your phone number & email address.

Due to some of our customer Estimates taking up to 1 hour, we will always call you 30 min's prior to our arrival at your location.



Please Note:

Upon completing,receiving final payment, & finishing customers original scope of work -

Any additional customer visits will require a trip charge, and possible labor fee






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